Vocalist Bobby Black and bassist Sammy Serkin founded the band during their school years. Later, Alex Serkin (Sammy’s brother), joined as a the lead guitarist. Drummer Keren Keen, a friend of Bobby's from school, came on board later to round out the initial quartet. Searching for just a bit more punch, the band more recently added a second guitarist, Ed, whose hard riffs add a virtuosity that enables Spiritz to go head to head with any metal band currently touring. The bands style is something in between Metal and Hard rock. Sebastian Berning, from heavy-metal-reviews.com characterized the band style as: “It sounds like the defiant happiness in hard times”.

In February, 2014, the band completed their studio work and have now released twelve brand new songs, under the album title “Perfect Sides”.
The band themselves were responsible for all the financing and studio work that went into the production of Perfect Sides, with the finished product coming after three separate masters were created.
Spiritz are actively looking for a label and are also working on a video for “ You In Me” which should be available later on July, 2014. The material for a second album has also been written, so more exiting things are coming soon...

Their album has already received very positive feedback from multiple sites; As Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell, from metal-temple.com, said: “The presentation is energetic and the songs are easy to connect with. The hooks are there and it fairly straightforward Rock that would present itself nicely on radio”.
Nuno Kanina, from heavenisnottoofar.webs.com) said: “These days much has been spoken in Ukraine, unfortunately, not for the best reasons. But, as with everything everywhere, there is a bright side of the coin and is at this point, which is the debut album of the Ukrainian Spiritz “Perfect Sides” is a balanced disc, war and peace and on the other hand, is almost perfect, because the twelve component meshes do not disappoint and they foresee a great future."

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